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Abby Donovan is a Chicago attorney, driven and focused. When a single misstep late one night takes her into a new and dangerous world, she’s compelled to investigate, despite the risks. But she must hurry. Someone is watching. Someone ready to destroy her carefully constructed life.

“With well-drawn characters,…knotty and believable puzzles, [and] an easy, confident writing style, …Diskin’s debut mystery-thriller…is a satisfying, suspenseful novel with an engaging heroine.” Kirkus Reviews

“If you like taut, fast-moving plots and riveting characters who evolve in the course of the story, E.C. Diskin’s The Green Line will be a wonderful change of pace from the steady stream of formulaic mysteries that tend to dominate the genre today….Diskin draws her characters with great deftness, especially the lead character. A Chicago-based attorney herself, Diskin paints Abby’s world with remarkable depth, from the inner workings of a large law firm to the inner thoughts of a goal-focused young attorney…. The book is a fast, fascinating read and it gives the reader a number of secondary bonuses along the way to its thrilling conclusion.” Windy City Reviews 

“Diskin’s writing is fast paced, carefully researched, and driven by a complex plot, filled with non-stop suspense, and page turning action….The fast action, plot driven storyline, and clearly defined characters assure the award-winning success of The Green Line, the cinema potential, and the open door for a sequel or series.” Reader Views

“The writing is believable and strong,…[t]he reader is pulled through at a startling pace…[and the] ending will leave your thriller thirst quenched and satisfied.” Chicago Book Review

“E.C. Diskin’s debut novel is an intriguing, intelligent read and a wild ride.” Kathi Baron, author of Shattered

“Savvy page-turning thriller that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat….”                     “Best lawyer book since John Grisham’s beginning novels….” 5-star Amazon reviews



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Travel Writing is a Pure Pleasure

I recently learned that my high school English teacher, Peter Ferry, penned a novel a few years back. Having just written my own first novel, and having such fond memories of his class, I had to get it. It’s called Travel Writing, and when I looked it up on Amazon, I saw some fabulous reviews.  Dave Eggers wrote a great review (another alum of my high school), and being a big fan of his work as well, I quickly dug in.

Well, I just finished it this weekend, and I have to share what a pleasure that was. Travel Writing in a word is clever. In fact, I’ve never read anything like it. Ferry blurs the lines between fiction and reality in a way that made me smile and laugh. The protagonist of the story is Peter Ferry, who, like the author, is an English teacher at Lake Forest High School and a travel writer. It was impossible not to wonder how much of the story was true, which was part of the fun. And though the main character’s primary purpose during the story is related to uncovering the truth behind a car accident he witnesses at the start of the tale, his own journey toward happiness in his private life is what drives the reader toward the finish. And what a finish. I was turning the last several pages as quickly as I possibly could, grinning from ear to ear, marveling at the story’s end.

What is most clear to me after reading Travel Writing, is that although Peter Ferry has retired from his gig at Lake Forest High School, he is still teaching. His command of language and his descriptions are still out of my league, and as someone who aspires to continue down the novelist’s path, and to get better with each effort, I’m so grateful that I found his book. Thanks Mr. Ferry.  travel writing

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